Fractal Design Edison M 650W in Test: A Power Supply for all Purposes

The fractal design Edition M 650W power supply must prove itself in the test. Anticipating too much: it is really very good.
Fractal Design from Sweden is not primarily known for power supplies. Above all, you know 2007 based manufacturer due to its PC casing, the fan or also water cooling system. But power supplies to the Northern men and women also. See you in the test at the fractal design Edison M 650W.

Fractal Design Edison M 650W in Test A Power Supply for all Purposes

Fractal Design Edison M: Processing

We look first of all the scope of delivery. In addition to the power supply detachable cable, screws, a power cord and cable ties supplied. A guide is of course also on board. Schön: the manufacturer gives the customer 5 years warranty.
The design of the Edison M is calm. The plain black with the white 120 mm fan is the epitome of restraint and follows the current theming of the manufacturer. The grid is made of 16 round metal rods. This reminds of the dark power Pro 11 from be quiet!, is however not permanently welded to the body, but can be changed. To do this, only four small screws must be loosened. The processing is excellent, we noted no weaknesses. In terms of cable we can hold: the number and lengths are generous and leave nothing to be desired. Only, that is – on ATX – and CPU – not jacketed ribbon cable, you could criticise. Sharp edges should be avoided accordingly.

Fractal Design Edison M: Results

Also in terms of security, we found no errors. Overcurrent protection, parent – and low-voltage protection, short circuit protection, overload – overheating protection are available. The efficiency of the power supply is 90%, which is why it bears right 80 PLUS GOLD certificate. This is reflected in the measurement results. The Edison M delivers a value of 55 mV as regards residual ripple for 12-volt power. It is completely within the framework, because the threshold of pain is 120 mV. At 230 Volt input voltage, the Edison delivers M values that comply with the ATX specifications.

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The volume of power supply of high interest is mainly for hobbyists of silent PCs. Here, we can give the all-clear. Only from around 80 percent load is easily perceptible. At 100 percent load, so around 1900 it is rpm of the fan, however, can be heard, but far from disturbing. A tweeting in the operation was not to make as well. The power supply nor in combination with different hardware.

Fractal Design Edison M 650W: Conclusion

The Edison M can convince pretty much in all respects. The processing is top, the design is restrained with his black and white fan and the test results are also in the good range. Thanks to his ongoing back volume is it, at least until about 80 percent load, even for those suitable, on silent-PCs are. The Edison M is a really excellent PSU, which afford no dropouts and is therefore virtually suitable for all application scenarios. Except perhaps for modders. For the design of the power supply unit is perhaps a little too easy.