How to Use 3G Mobile Phone on PC, Notebook or iPad? Really Works?

Most modern smartphones are capable of using 3G wireless technology . The connection allows smartphones to access the Internet, use advanced mobile applications and transfer large files, and the ability to use the network to watch videos and listen to music. In addition, the 3G smartphone can also be used by desktops, notebooks and tablets, such as the iPad, to access the Internet. This process, called tethering, may require the download of some extra applications to share the 3G connection of your phone with other devices. Remember that this can be very useful mainly for people who want to save money on a tablet, since the versions with built-in 3G connection are much more expensive than the only Wi-Fi versions.

How to Use 3G Mobile Phone on PC, Notebook or iPad? Really Works?

How do I use my cell phone to connect to the internet?

Download and install a tethering application on your 3G smartphone. Using your smartphone’s app store, search for “tethering” or “tethering.” Select one of the programs for the search results, and download the application. The Android operating system has been tethering native since its version 2.2. All you have to do is access the settings of your device and look for the settings for connections and “tethering” or “hotspot”.

Remember that only those who have a 3G data packet can share the internet connection to other devices.

Do I need to download some files to use 3G on my PC, notebook or tablet?

If you want to use your cell phone as a modem through USB cables, you may need some applications. Typically, these applications are provided by the handset manufacturers themselves on the official websites. However, they are not required if you already have a mobile application that tethering over wires or wireless.

How do I set up my PC, notebook, or tablet to access my phone’s 3G?

Activate the data package of your mobile device and open the connection sharing application. The application will ask you to activate your 3G or Wi-Fi from your mobile phone and will also ask you to give a name and password for the wireless network you have created. Also turn on Wi-Fi on your computer or tablet.

Your computer or tablet will recognize the network you just created, just by entering the password and starting to use the internet. If the connection was made by cables, the password will probably be unnecessary.

Do you use 3G on your PC, notebook, or tablet?

This type of connection works great for simple tasks, such as watching videos sporadically, downloading small files, reading emails and news, and other simpler tasks. The 3G connection is too limited for you to use as your primary means of connecting to the internet. the data packets are limited in speed by reaching a certain limit of monthly data. So it’s important to remember that 3G is like an “emergency connection,” which works great for fast internet access and portability of the connection.