iPhone 8: 10 Rumors About the Smartphone

The Apple is as so: new year, new life and new iPhone. Each year that comes, grows the expectation and increases the frenzy to discover changes in the device and get to know the main novelties that come around. And already has people betting what the iPhone 8 will have new, and the iPhone 7 not been released yet. And the information about the future releases, of course, are a secret in the giant Apple.

iPhone 8 10 Rumors About the Smartphone 1

The forecast of release of the version is estimated only for 2018. However, rumors and speculations abound in the 4 corners of the world, of the United States to Japan.

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Display OLED

One of the rumors more strong and doable on the iPhone 8 comes there on the other side of the world. In Asia, it is very strong speculation that Apple is working in conjunction with companies from Japan and Taiwan to develop OLED panel (Organic Light-Emitting Diode, or led organic that emits light, in Portuguese), to insert in their next devices and to leave aside the conventional LCD screens.

The AMOLED display is already used by the company in its smartwatches and has as main advantages the sharpness on the screen, with a wider range and more vibrant colors and lower power consumption of the device. In addition, by not having to light additional funding, this technology would help to save internal space on the device, allowing for new improvements or the manufacture of a device even thinner than the current. What can be another novelty of generation 8.

Larger screen

Although early to say anything, the screens of Micro-LED would be similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, with the edge curved and flexible. Following the trend of the business every generation, these screens should be a little larger — 6-6.5 inches — than those that already exist in previous versions. The display will have the new version of Gorilla Glass, shatterproof glass and more resistant to impact and scratches than their competitors.

More resistant

The vulnerability of the devices, especially in case of drops and scratches, is one of the biggest complaints of iPhone users. So, expect improvements in terms of resistance and durability of the new devices. Rumors realize that the new versions, in addition to the Gorilla Glass up-to-date, will also be manufactured with materials that are more strong, resistant, and, possibly, to meet an old request of their users, and waterproof.

iPhone 8 10 Rumors About the Smartphone 2

The end of the start button

News realize that the home button or start, located in the bottom center of the device, it may cease to exist for ever, enabling a device with a larger screen or a smartphone, smaller. It would be the completion of the migration to a unit fully digital and based on a touchscreen, a dream desired by many.

Camera awesome

Speculations suggest that the release of iPhone 7 will have a camera with 12 megapixel and front camera of 4mp. For the iPhone 8, you expect something even more impressive and of a high standard, with something close to 14 megapixels in the primary camera and the same 4mp in the secondary, with ideal lens for taking selfies perfect and amazing photos for the family album.

Internal storage

As well as its earlier versions, the iPhone 8 should keep its variants of internal space with up to 64 GB. In this regard, the large and fairly long-awaited novelty will be for the account of the storage capacity of at least 128 GB, and, who knows, maybe even there, 256 GB.

iPhone 8 10 Rumors About the Smartphone 3

Memory RAM

Following the trend of Apple for each new version, the capacity of the RAM memory should also be improved to, at least, 4 GB. To shine the eyes of the most optimistic rumours to give account of RAM of 8 GB.


The high consumption of energy and the bit duration time of the battery is another point of very criticized by the applemaníacos. Following the line of rumors, the iPhone 7 will win a Li-On 2500 mAh battery, with the capacity to handle 18 hours of continuous use on 3G.

In version 8, the battery will probably be still more powerful and durable, with a duration of 18 hours of use on 4G. Including, it is speculated the inclusion of batteries solar in the new generations of the device. Is to wait for it to believe it!


The launch of the iPhone 7 and Plus is expected for the 1st quarter of 2016, while the octave version is estimated only for the end of 2017, with sales beginning in 2018. According to the schedule the usual Apple for their launches, the official release from the company should come out in the last quarter of this year.

Price of Iphone 8

Prepare the pocket and has already started to save money if you really plan to buy the next versions of Apple. The price that is coming to the iPhone 7, and that has not yet been officially announced revolves around$ 1099 to$ 1499, approximately R$ 4.2 and$ 5.8 billion, depending on the variation of the exchange rate of the dollar.

Now prepare yourself: based on these values, the iPhone 8 will cost something close to$1199 for the versions with the most basic and US$1599 for the more complete and with greater storage capacity. That is, between$ 4.6 and$ 6.4 billion.

For now, these are the main speculations made around the world about the possible news of the iPhone 8. On the other hand, it is still too early and quite difficult to predict any technological breakthroughs or changes in iOS.

Suggestions from the fans

But if you know that many improvements are coming and the fans do not stop to suggest upgrades to the new versions, both the seventh and the eighth, oddly enough. One thing is certain: the price will be pretty salty, especially for us brazilians. While the iPhone 8 comes not, click here to know the rumors about the 7.

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