Is it Worth the Oi Conta Total? Personal Experience!

I have been a user of Oi Conta Total almost since its launch. From time to time, I update the plan to obtain better monthly amounts. All this time of experience with this service package has given me a great property to talk about this “promotion” and if it really pays to unify your accounts in only one service offered by Oi.

Is it Worth the Oi Conta Total? Personal Experience!

What is Oi Conta Total?

Oi Conta Total is a package of services offered by the Oi operator that unifies the accounts of your landline, cell phones, internet, data packets, SMS and even Oi TV. The package includes different speeds for the internet, minute deductibles for non-Oi phones, discounts and even gratuity (in some cases) for connections between the lines that are from the Oi operator.

What else does Oi Conta Total offer?

Those who renew or make the first contract of Oi Conta Total can earn discounts to buy handsets directly from Oi. Some plans offer handsets included in the package contracted. The amount of the discount will vary depending on the package Hi Total Account chosen.

Is it Worth the Total Account?

No. I took advantage (and I still enjoy) the minutes of the franchise, the internet they offered. The figures remain very attractive and no other phone company offers a plan with so many minutes to make calls to other carriers or so complete. But what makes this plan so attractive is also what weighs most on the scale to make it bad.

Since Oi Conta Total is the only complete service package offered by the major Brazilian telephone operators, the lack of competition has left Oi in good shape. The quality of the phone network of Oi is very bad, problems with the internet are frequent, the 3G, 4G for some, works poorly (this when it works). Even worse is that Oi still provides your personal data to Internet service providers who sell you the services by “bullying” you.

Unfortunately, as the plan meets my needs, my brother and my mother, and since we do not have another quality option and cheaper available in the market, we are obliged to stay with Oi. However, this is something that should end in shortly, because for the third or fourth time in all the time I’m with Oi I’ll have to trigger it with one of its providers, for the unauthorized supply of data and a married sale.

Final considerations

With options appearing on other carriers, especially with better signal quality, and a compelling Internet competitor popping up in my hometown ( GVT ), Oi Conta Total’s days are numbered in my house. I just believe that this plan and the quality of Oi’s services will improve when one of the competing operators offers a similar and better quality service. Until then, even if Oi Conta Total offers the best costs, the benefits are almost non-existent due to the total negligence of the operator with the quality of its services and the customer service.