Super Mystery Dungeon in the Test: Nice Dungeon Crawler for Children

Super Mystery Dungeon appears the next offshoot of our site spin-offs for the Nintendo 3DS. We show in the test, whether or not that is worth buying.

Super Mystery Dungeon in the Test Nice Dungeon Crawler for Children
Our site Super Mystery Dungeon in the test: 20 years of our site – the series to the small “Pocket Monsters”, so the literal translation, transformed itself over the past decades into one of the biggest franchises in the world. With the spin off of Super Mystery Dungeon can immerse fans now directly into the world of our site – how well it succeeds, we will show you in the following test.

Our site Super Mystery Dungeon in the Test – Story

As in the Mystery Dungeon spin offs usual, wakes up the player in Super Mystery Dungeon first without memories of his previous life in the middle of the nowhere as Our site, but in the consciousness, to be a man. The premise of amnesia has always been a means to an end in Mystery Dungeon, and is therefore a little worn out. Shortly after the awakening, however, the player is attacked by unknown our site and takes flight, which flows into the haven Ruhenau.

After it becomes clear that the target audience of the game rather children than are young people, continues initially for the main character in the story is divided into chapters in the school. These sections serve as a tutorial for the Dungeon crawler in detail all important features of the game.
The mysterious Our site who input suddenly attacked the players, reappear however as a result, what in turn leads the main character to further flee and it ultimately leads to the research team, which is a threat to the entire world on the track. A narrative masterpiece isn’t super Mystery Dungeon, but given the obvious target group the game manages to take on sensitive subjects such as exclusion adequately.

Our site Super Mystery Dungeon in the Test – Game play

At the beginning of the game, the player is a well-known and short personality test, which is to be determined which of the 20 Starter our site you “will be born in the new world”. The results of the tests are not compulsory but – who took a particular being targeted from the outset, can pick this up after the test. The same is true for the choice and the gender of the partners Our sites.

Begins the game in a city where one can move freely within a given area, so are the missions that expire between chapters, the heart of Super Mystery Dungeon. These missions are hardly varied, at least, the principle of a Dungeon crawler proven here.

As in other rogue games, moves and fights the player with up to two computer-controlled partners in a turn-based system. The dungeons are usually randomly rebuilt so that tactical approach in the fight down to the last level is compulsory after some time.

The so-called stripes, into the to gems can be inserted, which offer different resistance and reinforcements are new to Mystery Dungeon. The trick: After the end of the Dungeon the stones called Sipale dissolve again. Also added items which affect the status of an opposing Our sites. Nevertheless, these details about it can conceal that Super Mystery Dungeon opts for music lovers and sometimes shallow game play.

Our site Super Mystery Dungeon in the Test – Graphics

Graphically, the game features in the best manner, why Nintendo on the console market is lagging behind: chunky textures and flat-looking figures are a nuisance to hand helds. The fact is however probably simply due to the missing power of 3DS, even if there are individual titles like Monster Hunter, which can get significantly more.

Our site Super Mystery Dungeon in the Test – Conclusion

Nintendo wants to celebrate 20 years of Our site – Super Mystery Dungeon the first start-up rather poorly as a right is lost. The game awards from many defects make it an exciting atmosphere in dungeons, nor to bind with an interesting story.
However, shows Super Mystery Dungeon good approaches like the quite tactics-based approach in fighting. Thus, hardcore series fans and children are likely to find fun in an otherwise mixed game.